Kwabena Boasiako

MSc Investment Analysis


After years of inner-self-reflection, I realised a better way for me to change the status-quo and be a part of the process of fixing the numerous challenges facing my home country, Ghana, was to take up a challenge higher than myself. So I was convinced that obtaining a relevant master’s degree with a special focus on investment management education at a highly reputable institution that promotes innovative thinking and encourages reality-based solutions to a complex array of contemporary problems would be ideal to achieving my dreams.

After a careful search, Stirling Management School and the M.Sc. Investment Analysis programme became my preferred choice. Stirling Management School is not only a centre of academic excellence but also offers an exciting array of opportunities for both prospective and current students. Accordingly, I was awarded the prestigious Karen Napier Scholarship for the M.Sc. Investment Analysis programme. I was very optimistic that enrolling on the UK’s longest-established postgraduate level course in the field of investment management education which draws on Stirling Management School’s long heritage of excellence in finance teaching and research would be a step in the right direction for my career pursuit.

Studying at Stirling gave me a memorable year at one of the UK’s top universities, and access to one of the strongest accounting and finance faculties in the UK. I had the chance to be lectured and supervised by leading academics who are committed to seeing their students succeed, and help them nurture their ideas, knowledge and understanding. With students drawn from a huge diversity of backgrounds and countries, I had the benefit of building great relationships with different people. Truly, the University of Stirling is a planet of its own.

The overall learning experience of the M.Sc. Investment Analysis course was astounding. The course is a perfect blend of theory and practice which could not make you think of a better learning experience. Weekly seminars for each module affords every student the chance to practically explore topics in detail. The course exposes students to numerous practical competitions such as the CME Group trading challenge and the Global Banking Olympiad. With the M.Sc. Investment Analysis being a programme partner of CFA Institute, students have the opportunity to participate in the annual CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge. Fortunately for me, I was part of the team that won the 2016 UK final, beating competition from SAID Business School (University of Oxford), Imperial College Business School (Imperial College London), and CASS Business School (City University London).

I would urge all prospective students who wish to have a real learning experience, a great year of study, and have their respective abilities valued and appreciated, to settle for the best by choosing the University of Stirling.

After a year of study at the University of Stirling, I feel very confident and ready to take on my future career interest. I enrolled as someone with no research experience. However, after successfully completing my academic topic dissertation, and with the help of insightful supervision from my supervisor, I can boldly say that I am ready to further my studies with a PhD which has been my long-term goal.

My period of study at the University of Stirling was one of the best and amazing years of my life. Simply, I cannot think of a better learning experience.