Rustam Sapayev

MSc Investment Analysis


Few places in the world offer such a quality education as the University of Stirling, and before coming to Scotland from Kazakhstan I did not appreciate that one year could make such a big difference. But, comparing the knowledge and experience that I have now to that I had last year I can see how far I have come. The thorough knowledge of investments and finance provided on the programme made me more confident and forward-thinking. Overcoming challenges like coursework and a dissertation and communicating with the lecturers not only made me grow as an individual but also provided a solid foundation for my further professional growth.

It is worth to mention that I was offered two scholarships before coming to Stirling, one from the University of Stirling and another from a similar course at a London-based university. After a careful consideration I decided to choose MSc in Investment Analysis at the University of Stirling. Now, after the course has finished I can say that I had never regretted my choice.

The course itself is very challenging and it offered way beyond what I expected. The fact that the course is chosen as a CFA partner speaks volumes. The teaching staff consist of expert professionals always ready to help and provide useful feedback in all issues related to the course. Guest lecturers from financial and investment organizations often visit the university with lectures and give a deep insight into the industry and make the course strongly related to a real life.

But my year in Stirling was not only about studies. Seeing different places like the magnificent Cairngorm National Park and the fabulous Edinburgh and, importantly, meeting different and interesting people from all over the world made my time in Stirling a distinct and unforgettable experience. Experiences such as these broaden your views, breaking stereotypes and clichés.

Now it is time to move forward to the even higher goals. But wherever I may be in my heart there will always be a place for Scotland, the country that felt like home.