Samira Jamshidi

MSc International Business


As a Master’s degree student in International business, I had the chance to study in a dynamic and challenging environment while learning the practical aspect of operations in the international business arena. This program provided me with priceless and valuable insights in IB and offered flexible modules such as International Marketing and Information Technology. Moreover, having colleagues with various cultural backgrounds allowed me to prove my abilities to learn more about different various social and business cultures followed by critical analysis and effective communication. Finally, studying for a year in the University of Stirling had benefits on my academic and personal life levels, which has helped me to be successful in my career.

I currently work for one of the strongest and biggest Iranian pharmaceutical companies in two different positions.  Firstly as a commercial expert (local and international), and secondly as an International Business Development expert which is very close to my studies at the University of Stirling.  I am so fascinated by the second position that I am planning to move to this position full-time.  To a great extent I owe my current success to my Masters studies in Stirling.