Craig Docherty

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering


Craig Docherty

I chose Stirling for my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering because the course looked varied and interesting. The campus being gorgeous was a lovely bonus.

I decided to remain at Stirling for my PhD due to the staff and experiences I had over my undergraduate degree.

One of the benefit of studying at Stirling is the direct access to staff and projects that pushed beyond the limits of my degree. The student societies were great as well. Both provided a range of soft skill development. My undergraduate degree offered many challenges and I currently enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of my PhD as well as the opportunities it provides.

Studying at Stirling gave me the opportunity to develop skills outside the degree and make contacts that will be invaluable for a future career. Overall my time at Stirling has helped me develop a broad range of skills and explore interests that will have a positive impact on my future career.

Stirling is a fantastic place to study, open welcome and friendly. The department makes everything possible to make sure you succeed. There really is a feeling of community and you never feel like just a number. I would advise the prospective students to get involved with the wider campus life such as societies. They are a great way to make friends and try something new. The Computing and Mathematics department is fantastically welcome and does everything possible to help you succeed.