Felix Amoako

MSc Investment Analysis


Studying at the University of Stirling has been a life time experience that will remain indelible in my memory. Prior to my arrival in Stirling as an International Student from Ghana, I had a fair idea about what to expect at the University of Stirling. However, upon arrival, I was amazed at the breathtaking scenery that greeted me. The University is well situated, providing the enabling environment conducive for a successful academic life while the state of the art sporting centre facilitates a healthy lifestyle.

The teaching has been excellent and access to information is readily available. Both the teaching and the auxilliary staff are friendly, approachable and ready to help; there is always someone to talk to. The MSc Investment Analysis programme is so practical that I could often envisage myself as an investment professional and this has helped define my career path. My involvement in the CFA Global Investment Research Challenge as part of a team of five (5) the University of Stirling students who won the UK finals of the competition and represented the UK in the EMEA Regional finals in Turkey is my greatest achievement to date. The University of Stirling made history as the only university to appear in the UK finals on three occasions, first runner-up in 2008 and 2009, and first in Scotland to win this prestigious competition in 2010. This indeed makes me proud to be a student of the University of Stirling and that of a great tradition.

The City of Stirling is not left out of this great experience as the homely environment created by the University is complimented by the warmth and friendly nature of its residents. Another thing I have really enjoyed is the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The University is truly international with students from all six continents. I enjoyed learning a lot of new things and cultures I would otherwise not have known.

Looking back from the days I started my search for an institution of higher learning to pursue my postgraduate studies, I have come to trust my decision in choosing the University of Stirling not only because of its splendour and colour, but also because of its reputation, its distinct influence on students and close knit family. Indeed the University of Stirling is a beautiful place to be.