Hoang Linh Nguyen

MSc Investment Analysis


In 2011 I graduated with the MSc in Investment Analysis with Distinction and passed CFA level 3. The academic content of the programme, the outstanding teaching staff and learning environment all contributed to my success.

I very much like the way the MSc programme combines the CFA curriculum with an academic MSc as it provides students with an understanding of issues outside the CFA curriculum so that they can develop a wider appreciation of academic topics in finance. The programme has introduced me to interesting topics such as EMH and behavioural finance and I am considering applying to undertake a research degree.

I highly appreciated the quality of the lecturers here, especially those of Dr Kevin Campbell and Professor Chris Veld whose lectures I never missed. The staff of the Accounting and Finance Division provide an environment which is supportive and friendly and my time studying in Stirling would not have been so comfortable without their help.

Last but not least, I am really satisfied with the learning environment in Stirling. I think I am quite lucky to be among the first students who can use the new library. Moreover, I have visited many campuses around the UK and consider the Stirling campus to be the most beautiful in the UK.
As a result of my own experiences I would highly recommend the CFA Program Partner MSc in Investment Analysis at Stirling.