Bethany Lambie

BA (Hons) International Management Studies with European Languages and Society

United Kingdom

Bethany Lambie

Looking back at my time in Stirling on the BA (Hons) International Management with European Languages and Society, I have nothing but fond memories. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a varied, balanced and intellectually engaging learning experience. I loved the fact that the subject matters were so different to one another yet complemented each other perfectly.
Coming to University, I had an open mind with so many different interests and was worried that I would have to confine myself to one subject matter. This course was perfect as it didn’t pigeonhole me to a particular one but allowed me to pursue them all at once, in a very well-interwoven way.

As a language student, I felt so happy to walk around the Pathfoot building and talk to my lecturers who were so supportive and created a tight-knit community feel. 

As a business student, I strolled around the Cottrell Building and pondered over my eye-opening lectures. This gave me such a good balance in University and made me graduate with the confidence that I had achieved well-rounded knowledge that would allow me to pursue a wide variety of career options. 

As a graduate in Business and Language studies, I am comforted to know that I am not restricted to just one career path, which is extremely liberating and exciting.

Upon graduating, it allowed me to explore the fast-paced hospitality management industry and interact with guests from all over the world, with acute cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness. I hope to explore this industry some more before pursuing a career in European policy-making or international diplomacy.