Jenny Weidstam

BA (Hons) Business Studies and HRM


Operations Manager, Education First

I work as an Operations Manager in the Language School sector. My work has taken me to Boston, India, Asia and all over Europe. Today I manage our hotels in Malta. My degree from the University of Stirling helped me step right into work after graduating. Lecturers and tutors had helped me during my last year with references, ideas and feedback on my career plans. I’ll be forever grateful to some of my Stirling professors! 

While at Stirling I worked as a student ambassador and later as a Senior Student Ambassador. This was a great opportunity to practice my public speaking skills as well as getting an insight to the marketing of the University. I also worked as a Halls Assistant. I would really recommend you take on the opportunities that are given within the university – your extra-curricular activities and work will benefit you greatly at assessment days and interviews as you can give real examples of your skills.