David Bish

MSc Behavioural Science for Management

What influenced you to choose Stirling Management School to study your course?

The people.  The Behavioural Science for Management course attracts a diverse range of top quality researchers who really care about their students.  The staff at the Behavioural Science Centre have pushed me not only to perform well in exams, but also to develop so that I continue to achieve after I graduate.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

The course I was involved in attracted a large number of high calibre applications from a variety of disciplines.  This has challenged me not only to perform well in assessment but also to consider a variety of different viewpoints and expand the knowledge I gained from my undergraduate economics degree.  The diversity in knowledge was complimented by a teaching style that encouraged students to discuss and develop their own ideas rather than solely relying on the lecturer for opinion.

What impact to you think your studies have had on your future career?

I believe that the course has given me the tools to advance in my chosen field.  I now have a thorough understanding of a large body of information pertaining to a number of disciplines and have been trained in the statistical and experimental software that I will use in my future career.  As a relatively young postgraduate student it is imperative that I have these types of skills in order to contend with other applicants who may have more experience than me, and these are skills which Stirling has given me.