Jonas Haggart

MSc Finance


jonas haggart

I was first attracted to MSc Finance because I was able to select different modules with interesting content to tailor my course to my specific interests such as Behavioural Finance, and improve weaknesses such as Financial Reporting.

The course taught me a wide range of skills for use in the finance industry, and I chose modules that prepared me for an entry role in a Corporate Finance department. Both the Behavioral Finance and Financial Statement Analysis modules gave me an understanding of the decision-making process of investment professionals and the function of financial markets. Moreover, I improved my culture awareness and team skills thanks to being part of a truly international environment.

The course included a range of extracurricular activities linked to my studies, including the Student Management Investment Fund (SMIF) and the Amplify Trading Bootcamp. This highly improved my abilities to give buy/sell/hold recommendations to companies based on financial data and to present my arguments in a PowerPoint based presentation in front of professionals.

I found the staff at the University of Stirling both passionate and engaging, which created an outstanding learning environment. Every member of the teaching staff is happy to help you with questions about the courses and it was no problem for me to make a personal appointment at any time of the semester.

I would recommend that future students at Stirling make the most out of their time here. This means participating in activities outside of lectures - join societies, make new friends and network to foster your future career as a finance professional. I personally joined the basketball team and the golf club to create a balance between work and fun. Finance related activities like the SMIF, the Amplify Trading Bootcamp and the CME-Trading challenge give you the opportunity to gain practical experiences alongside academic studies. I found these experiences very helpful during the job hunting process, as they helped me stand out from other candidates.