Boram Lee

MSc International Accounting and Finance

South Korea

MSc International Accounting and Finance 2007-2008 and PhD 2008-2013

“Why would you like to stay in Stirling?”

This was the first question I was asked during my job interview… How could I not have expected such a question?

I cannot remember how I responded exactly at that time, but surely I remember it as a hard question for me to answer.

Yes, the result of the interview was positive; I am starting my first career as an Early Career Fellow in Accounting and Finance Division, where I attained my MSc degree at International Accounting and Finance, and also where I have continued to PhD level.

Why did I decide to stay in Stirling?

I remember walking around the campus many times over the last five years, and every time I was thinking how lucky I am to appreciate this nature around me. The reason that I decided to stay in Stirling is, however, not only because of the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen, but also because of the faith I have in this highly-rated research Division. I am privileged that I became a member of the Division which has the most supportive and outstanding academic companions to lead me.

When I started the MSc in International Accounting and Finance course, I never imagined how this was going to change my whole life. Though I embarked on this course with some trepidation, I consider it now to have been the best decision of my life to date. While one year seems a short period, this course allowed me to enter a totally different world, learning how money circulates, and about financial market, and the mechanisms for investing, saving, and earning. Within months, from minimal understanding of such matters, I developed an essential grounding in accounting procedures, and financial reporting which gave me insight into professional practices.

Now, I am very excited to share my passion for the subjects with students from worldwide, and to encourage their enthusiasm for the benefits of attaining higher education. I am sure this course will lead to many more illuminating encounters with the surprising diversity of the students.