Eleni Maria Pagoni

MSc Marketing


I always wanted to do a masters in the UK. The University of Stirling had the best funding opportunities compared with those of other big Scottish universities. Taking the very good reputation of the university and the Marketing programme into account, the University of Stirling was the best choice for me.

It was a very international and diverse environment and I learned a lot from working with a variety of different cultures. The location of the city is ideal for someone who wants to explore Scotland as well as other countries in Europe. While being very close to both Edinburgh and Glasgow, I could enjoy a laid back everyday life on campus. I believe that the beauty of the campus is something the University of Stirling can brag about.

There was a variety of creative and practice-based assignments that helped me learn a lot and become more confident about my discipline. I personally like group work and the course offered me plenty opportunities for that. The support of the admin and teaching staff was of paramount importance during the year and improved tremendously my experience in the university.

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me that developed my knowledge and my personality. I made friendships and had a great time even when I had a really heavy workload. The environment of the campus and the atmosphere helps to control your anxiety and relax, which I think it is very important, especially for masters students. Just enjoy your time and everything the university, the city and the country has to offer.

I am currently a foreign language teacher trainee at the University of Manchester, which isn’t exactly relevant with my masters, but something I always wanted. I wouldn’t have known about it and the opportunities the UK offers for graduates to get into teaching if I hadn’t done my masters here. The knowledge I obtained throughout my studies helped me get accepted in the programme, even though I had a different background than the one they were asking for. The academic skills I developed at the University of Stirling result to me having a very good academic performance here which allows me to focus more on the practical aspects of my training and absorb all the new information I am exposed to.