Lewis Mackin

MSc Heritage

United Kingdom, USA

Lewis stood by the loch wearing a graduation gown

I completed a BA in History and Politics and then I embarked on the MSc Heritage. 

I would say that the best part of the course is the tutors. They are super friendly, and understanding and go above and beyond when it comes to supporting your learning. You will benefit from the collective decades of teaching experience, industry insider knowledge and the academic professionalism they have. 

The whole heritage team at Stirling really makes this course special. You feel listened to, and valued for your opinions, knowledge, and background you bring, and that they truly care about educating you. You see their passion for it during class and in your interactions with them. The field trips really show this, they don’t feel like you are being talked at but talked with. 

The Masters helped me gain a position as a Gallery Attendant over the summer of 2022 with the National Gallery of Scotland and thrive in it. Studying at Stirling has the added value of its campus which is breathtakingly beautiful, and the city’s closeness to Edinburgh and Glasgow means you get the best of Scotland, by enjoying Stirling’s rural beauty and being able to easily access its two major cities.

The campus also offers you a place to clear your mind during stressful periods and get away from urban life. I found this very useful when writing my dissertation, being able to escape the library or my flat in town, something I don’t think you will get anywhere else. 

If you would like to come and study here, don’t be afraid to explore. You have the whole of Scotland on your doorstep, Stirling really does offer you the ability to see Scotland, with the Highlands and its lochs close by and historical royal Scotland present within Stirling Castle. You will never be bored.