Ngoc Tran

MSc Investment Analysis


What was your number one reason to pick the UK?

The quality of education in the UK has been recognised globally. With a knowledge and qualification from the UK it is easier to find a job anywhere.

Why did you choose this course and institution?

The University of Stirling appealed to me because of the partnership with my university in Vietnam, Foreign Trade University. When I was in second year at university, I attended a presentation by a representative from Stirling. Being impressed by the education quality as well as the living environment, I set my mind to apply to Stirling after finishing my Bachelor Degree.

Time passed and, after searching for many alternatives, I chose the MSc Investment Analysis to further my path with finance because it is one of the few courses in the field of investment management in the UK that possess Chartered Financial Analyst CFA® Institute Program Partner status and one of a select group of partner institutions worldwide.

I was also aware that there were Karen Napier Scholarships available on a competitive basis and I was lucky enough to receive one. I received a full scholarship from the Karen Napier Charity and University of Stirling and so was able to join the Investment Analysis course.

How easy was it to settle into life at the university?

New students receive instructions and support from Stirling before they arrive. This includes how to complete the enrolment procedure and information about STEER, the Student Peer Support Mentoring Scheme. The STEER activity connected me with local and other international students. This was very helpful for me as it gave me the chance for me to communicate and make friends. The people here are very friendly and kind making it easy to settle into life here and my studies.

Tell us a little about the course?

The MSc Investment Analysis course covers at least 70% of the learning outcomes of all three levels of the CFA® Candidate Body of Knowledge making it idea for students who are considering undertaking the CFA® exams and pursuing a CFA® designation. We also have the chance to do coursework to enhance soft skills as well as gaining knowledge from the modules. This year, our course will be running a week long trading master class in conjunction with London-based Amplify for students at the end of the Spring Semester. This will provide students with insightful information about derivatives and necessary practical skills.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to the UK to study?

My advice is that you should consider not only the ranking of the university but also the living environment that fits your style.

Recommendation for students from Vietnam: 5 things you must do while studying and living in the UK?

  • Never skip seminars and problem solving lessons, and go to the library frequently
  • Do sports and join a club or society in the university
  • Travel in the holidays
  • Participate in a traditional Christmas party with a local family
  • Go to London or Edinburgh to countdown New Year’s Eve