Helen Batchelor

MSc International Conflict and Cooperation

In my third year as a Stirling undergraduate, I took a module on social movements which started my passion for politics; focusing on international relations and human rights, rather than domestic politics.

The flexibility of the Stirling system enabled me to change my degree to international politics and choose courses that really excited me and the level of support and encouragement offered by the Department staff was unbelievable.

They encouraged me to take this particular MSc in order to develop my interests in child soldiers and strengthen my knowledge of the situations involving their use. The programme’s flexibility allowed me to focus on specific areas that interested me, such as African politics.

Looking to the future, the MSc has provided two main benefits. The first is that it has It has allowed me to further develop my interests in child soldiers and provided me with the skills to pursue this at PhD level. The second is that it offers an in-depth understanding of the role of international organisations and is therefore an ideal stepping stone for anyone wishing to work for an NGO or an institution such as the EU.