The University of Stirling is organised for learning, teaching and research into five faculties, each of which comprises multiple departments, institutes and centres.

Our structure allows us to collaborate across disciplines, bringing fresh ideas and creativity to our research and thinking.

Our faculties

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Our largest faculty has earned a reputation for delivering some of the most highly-rated Arts and Humanities courses in the country.

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport

We’re the premier research-intensive education provider for nurses, midwives, health and sports professionals in Scotland. 

Faculty of Natural Sciences

If you want a career in natural sciences we'll inspire you to be the difference. Our courses are highly-rated for their flexibility, practical training, and student satisfaction.

Faculty of Social Sciences

We’re a leading Faculty of Social Sciences and our rankings reflect this across our subject areas.

Stirling Management School

With a diverse range of globally recognised courses and a number of them accredited by leading industry bodies, we’ll help you to be the difference in your chosen career.