Megan Rachuy

MLitt The Gothic Imagination


University of Stirling graduate Megan Rachuy

Megan's Story

A passion for Victorian Gothic texts – and positive feedback from a fellow Iowan who studied at Stirling – enticed Megan to choose to study at the University.

She said: “I knew I couldn’t find a better location to study what fascinates me so much – and it helps that Stirling is noted for being the forerunner in the field. An introductory course on Gothic literature only fuelled that interest.

“I enjoyed the fact that classes were primarily student-led, with the professor acting as a sort of guide, either by asking pointed questions for students to contemplate or guiding the conversation in new directions.”

Megan told how she made the most of her stay in Stirling, beyond her studies. She said: “I spent much of my ‘off-time’ either writing or travelling in Scotland – and even managed to visit a friend in London quite a few times.”

While Megan is currently applying for editorial roles in her state capital, Des Moines, she is considering a future at Stirling. Megan said: “I would love to return to Stirling to pursue my PhD in the Gothic and perhaps delve into college level teaching.”