Blair Haldane

Education (Secondary)

I chose Stirling as it had a very good name for its ITE programme, allowing students regular placements over the durations and completing the course in 4 years rather than having to gamble on acceptance into a teaching college after completing my degree. Choosing a particular highlight from my time at Stirling is extremely difficult as I have so many. I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of new friends, many of whom I remain close to. Living in Halls in my first year allowed me to experience the life of a student as I imagined it would be and I felt myself growing up and maturing over the 4 years as a result of moving away from home. I was also fortunate enough to represent the University 1st 11 Football Team in my 4th year which allowed me to travel to different Universities and feel a real sense of pride for Stirling.

The courses were all very enjoyable and the content very interesting which gave me more enthusiasm for my subject. The lecturers were all very approachable and assisted me as we progressed. The valuable experience and skills gained from both fieldwork and placements have stuck with me and I feel far more confident of doing my job as a result of them. As a full time Geography teacher, the knowledge I acquired from University is always with me. It has enabled me to teach with confidence and given me very good detailed knowledge about global issues that I have taught to classes from S1 to Advanced Higher. Meeting University deadlines and learning to work on my own has also allowed me to become more organised teacher and my fond memories of my time in the course has enabled me to use these stories as a motivational tool in my teaching. The incredibly enjoyable time I had as a University of Stirling student has made me the confident person I am today which has been vital as a classroom teacher and in taking on new challenges in my school on the road to promotion.