Steven Stewart


From the age of 14 I always had the University of Stirling in my sights. Back then I was a competitive swimmer, so becoming a student at Stirling was a natural next step in my sporting plans. Unfortunately my swimming ambitions would never be realised and when I finally did enter academia, my focus was on attaining a B.A in Business Law.

The passion and knowledge of my lecturers and tutors appealed to the inquisitive side of my nature. However the study of Law challenges much more than your intellect and research skills, it also tests your adaptability to its maximum. The ability to switch from international trade law, to sports law, to environmental law, to financial regulation on a daily basis broadens the scope of your knowledge and gives you an idea of how the law touches on everything that people take for granted in their everyday lives.

During my BA, Stirling became a provider of the LLB course, which is the law degree needed in order to practice as a solicitor in Scotland. After obtaining my B.A I enlisted in the Accelerated LLB Programme, which was an intense two-year version of the full law degree.

Because of the pleasant experience I had during my time at Stirling, I decided to also obtain my Diploma in Legal Practice here and after graduating, I gained a legal traineeship with a law firm in Edinburgh. Due to the current economic climate and its impact upon traineeships, Stirling students are offered numerous opportunities to boost their CVs. I took full advantage of these and am sure the experiences were pivotal when it came to gaining my traineeship

In my time here, I met some inspirational people and also made friends who will be with me for the rest of my life. The University offers a great opportunity for its students to grow as people and provides them with a solid footing for future success in their chosen field of study.