Tamara Olori

BA (Hons) Film & Media and Journalism Studies


Tamara Olori

Tamara's Story

The University’s excellent reputation for media studies enticed Tamara to settle on Stirling.

She said: “After visiting the city for the first time on the open day and falling in love with the beautiful campus and facilities, I knew it was the place for me.

“I believe the media plays an essential role in telling us about the world we live in and, as a journalism student, I was lucky enough to attend conferences with media companies and learn from people working in the industry.”

The 21-year-old engaged in a range of activities throughout her studies and enjoyed using the gym and joining sports clubs.

Tamara praised the “attentive and willing” teaching at Stirling and reflected on a semester she spent at San Diego State University last year, saying: “It fulfilled my passion for meeting people from different cultures and sampling a different lifestyle.”

She added: “I’m looking forward to experiencing new things and having more choice over the next steps I take.”