Jacqueline Boland

BA (Hons) Journalism


Jacqueline Boland

I used the Hardship Fund in my third year of university, and I can safely say that without it I would have had to face potentially dropping out.

The only way I had a place to live meant moving during the summer months where I had no income. I'd gone through a couple of jobs that hadn't worked out and were quite toxic environments. I'd already asked my family for all the financial help I could get. I was dealing with currently untreated depression and anxiety which made it difficult to tackle these problems. I'd call it hitting rock bottom!

I felt embarrassed to have to apply for the Fund, but they never for a second made me feel ashamed or judged. It was a really simple and quick process. I also received help on how to budget and handle finances. It just bought me a few extra months that meant I had the time to find a job and sustain for myself.

It was a real turning point for me, the first step in getting myself to a good place. I found a part-time job I enjoyed, I sought help for my mental health issues, I never borrowed money again and managed a budget, and I was re-motivated in my uni work.

Now that I'm in a successful full-time position I wouldn't hesitate for a second to donate to the Hardship Fund, for all those students who are just still figuring it out and need a little hand to get there.