Calum Burns

UG Business Studies


I chose to study at Stirling Management School as the programmes on offer afforded me the opportunity to have a material impact upon the direction of my studies.  I was aware that a Business Studies degree would afford me the opportunity to learn and engage with a broad spectrum of business disciplines which I felt would benefit me later in my career.  Whilst studying at Stirling I have been able to tailor my degree to suit my interests and career ambitions.  As such I have been exposed to a broad range subjects and in 1st and 2nd year I was able to develop in alternative areas such as economics and career development skills.  In addition, I have been able to pursue my passion for sport in line with my degree whilst at Stirling and as such I have undertaken a 4 year Football Scholarship which has been a fantastic experience.

I feel as though I have benefitted from the flexibility present within the course choices at Stirling. This has enabled me to challenge myself in certain areas and engage with a number of contemporary business challenges.  I particularly enjoyed the level of engagement and discussion present within a number of modules throughout my studies. In seminars, these discussions provided me with a more balanced and thorough insight into a number of business disciplines. 

I would recommend utilising the programme flexibility and taking full advantage of the opportunity the university affords its students to control the direction of their degree.  Similarly, I would recommend that students fully embrace the sporting culture present at the university as all students have the opportunity to use elite level sporting facilities alongside professional athletes.  I would also recommend that students challenge themselves continually across all levels (professional, academic and personal).  Challenging times present opportunities for students to learn a lot about their interests and develop skills relevant to the graduate job market.

I will begin my graduate career in August joining Barclays Bank PLC in London on their Personal and Corporate Banking Graduate Programme.  My studies have enabled me to gain knowledge and skills which was used in the application process.  Furthermore, the research skills developed at university will be beneficial throughout my career in order to provide informed solutions to corporate challenges.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years at the University of Stirling which has culminated in securing a job that would have seemed unthinkable back in 1st year. Whilst at university I have been able to bond with fantastic peers who will remain friends for life. I think it’s important to point out to any prospective student that university is not easy (in my opinion) and if it was everyone would attend. However, the rewards throughout and at the end of your degree make the stress and strain more than worthwhile.