Madeline Elardo

BA (Hons) in Business Studies and Spanish


USA graduate Madeline Elardo

As an international student, the open, community feel of Stirling, being its own, beautiful, campus rather than a city university, made me feel like I would have a home away from home. The flexible degree structure and opportunity to study abroad in my third year were also deciding factors for me.

It prepared me to take on new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. The Stirling Management school encouraged me to take on internships, where I was able to put into practice the concepts we learned in class and gain a better understanding of what I wanted to do after graduation.

Madeline's Story

Madeline Elardo came from the USA to study a BA (Hons) in Business Studies and Spanish in 2015. Madeline is now working in a related field to her degree, as a Business Development Manager at Pulsar Platform.