Fionnuala O'Reilly

MSc Behavioural Science for Management


What influenced you to choose Stirling Management School to study your course?

I was interested in studying Behavioural Economics; the Behavioural Science centre at Stirling is fast becoming one of the leading research institutes in this area.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

  • The MSc in Behavioural Science for Management is an excellent course; it covers a broad range of topics delivered by committed and interested lectures and support staff.
  • The University of Stirling offers good facilities in a very picturesque area.

What specific feature(s) did you like most about the course?

  • The staff of the Behavioural Science Centre are very dedicated, encouraging and supporting students not only with course work but with job applications, interview preparation as well as the development of their own research skills. 
  • The course covers an extensive range of topics; students gain from having insight into many different domains of Behavioural Science from behavioural medicine to policy applications to experimental design.  Moreover, the research methods courses provide students with the tools to carry their own research.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering coming to Stirling?

The MSc in Behavioural Science for Management is an excellent course which provides a solid foundation in the field of Behavioural Economics. It equips students with valuable skills applicable to many different occupational domains including research, policy and marketing.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • This is an intensive course but is well worth the time and effort especially for those wishing to pursue career in this area. Students have access to a wide variety of research topics being covered by the members of the Behavioural Science Centre.
  • The weekly and monthly seminars that are arranged by the centre provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn how Behavioural Science is being applied in different domains.
  • MSc students are well integrated into the centre and have the opportunity to work and develop their own research with the help and guidance of centre members.
  • I would highly recommend this course.