Aimee Creighton

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

United Kingdom

I decided to apply for Stirling as I was interested in a career in fashion and marketing but felt I needed to select one course that was more business-orientated as fashion courses generally carry a strong design element. The course flexibility and travel opportunities are what attracted me to Stirling specifically.

I found that the funnelling system of the modules has set me up with a good all-round knowledge. Studying general business-based modules in first year and then gradually getting more specific each semester—alongside allowing me to select some of my own modules—has given me the chance to “taste test” a lot of different study areas. In recent weeks I have found this invaluable as I have begun to work in a small company which doesn’t have specific departments, therefore a small knowledge of areas such as HR and finance is handy!

I  really enjoyed the group assignments which are associated with retail marketing. I believe that learning how to work well with others is essential if one wants to work in the real world, as it is rare you make decisions without consultation of a small team of equals. I would also say that being allowed to do the consultancy project in 4th year has really helped me stand out from other students with similar degrees as it gave me real experience alongside applied academic knowledge! 

The only thing I would say I regret throughout my time in Stirling was not throwing myself into new things from the very beginning. My advice to future students would be to try and meet as many different people as possible and don’t be afraid to enter into things alone!

I am lucky that I managed to get a graduate job while still at Stirling and began working straight after my term finished. I have found that I have been able to apply a lot of the things I did in my final year of Uni to my job  such as my dissertation and the consultancy project. I also think that the ongoing assistance of the University staff has been useful. Knowing my old lecturers are happy to give me advice and references if needed will undoubtedly have an impact.

I had a great four years at university, the fact that I got the grades I wanted and a job in the end is just an unbelievable bonus!