Camy Rosen

BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology


Camy Rosen

Camy's Story

Camy is a 4th year student from Los Angeles, USA studying Criminology and Sociology. Camy had an ambition to study abroad from an early age for a fresh perspective and take her degree subjects from the beginning – something that wouldn’t have been available to her in America. It turned out perfectly when she was offered a place through Clearing on a top-rated course at Stirling.

Camy recalls “It feels like yesterday arriving on campus, and despite hearing about the bad weather in Scotland it was a beautiful sunny day. It looked amazing! Being a campus University it’s a lot like colleges at home; it was so easy to find my footing and know where everybody is.”

Camy says everyone was friendly and she enjoyed the huge variety of clubs and societies available to try out from archery to sky-diving; it didn’t take her long to find a group of friends for life. Camy continues “I joined the Lacrosse Club and didn’t look back; it’s not only about our sporting efforts – which we’re really proud of – but we’re great pals too.”

There are many opportunities for student leadership roles at Stirling; Camy was appointed to the Lacrosse Club Committee in 2018 and she’s the current Club President. She goes on to say, “It’s been exciting and challenging to host virtual try outs and pub quizzes this year, but really worth it and we’ve attracted 30 new members!”

To Camy, the facilities at Stirling are all good, but it’s the gym she loves and the new £21 million Sports Centre. She adds, “They’ve made it fantastic, there’s an amazing system for signing up on the app and there’s a sanitation station at every spot. My jaw just drops at the beautiful new building.”