Zamzam Husain

MSc Digital Media and Society


Stirling graduate Zamzam Husain

Zamzam's Story

Stirling has become a second home for Zamzam, who – with the encouragement of “supportive and friendly” Student Support Services staff – became an active member of the University’s International Society.

She said: “I decided to set-up a Kuwait Society. There are not many of us from Kuwait here in Stirling but we’re proud of where we come from and we wanted to promote our country and our culture to Scotland.”

Zamzam was keen to study in Scotland and improve her English. Sher added: “I was attracted by the romance of Scotland’s history and culture. Britain, of course, also has a reputation for a sophisticated education.

“I would say to any international student that Scotland is so friendly, Stirling is very safe and everyone is treated as an equal.”

Zamzam told how studying at Stirling has been an “amazing experience”.

She said: “The tutors are so knowledgeable and ready to help you out. They inspire you in your studies and look out for international students who may be struggling.”

Zamzam’s next challenge is to use her new skills and experiences, to benefit her family and her career, back home in Kuwait.

She said: “Education is so important and I was determined to do this for us. The sacrifice and hard work will make a difference. What I leant at Stirling is really going to help my career in digital media.”