Xin Shen

MSc International Business


I heard that University of Stirling has the most beautiful campus in the UK before I came here, when I first witnessed the sceneries, I believed that should be true. The University of Stirling is a nice place for me to study with full of pleasure and enjoyment.

I have gained so much knowledge, both within my major and beyond, that I haven’t met before.  My way of thinking has also been changed into more academic thought. Moreover, it is my first time studying with foreign students and teachers for almost one year and they were all so friendly and accommodating.  They encouraged me and helped me to study in English.

My major is MSc International Business which is a real diversified major in University of Stirling, so I have so many opportunities to learn in different research areas.  During my year I studied modules in human resources, marketing, strategies, management etc. Most modules consist of individual assignments and group assignments, which is helpful for every student to learn how to study by themselves and work as a team. This may be more important and useful for us in the future than learning from text books or slides.

First of all, think about the major you chose that you really like and be suitable for you. Second, be brave, focusing and hardworking during the whole year, because this may be the end of your school career in your life. Third, try your best to prove you can solve many problems in study and get the master degree in the end. Last, managing your life well is the precondition of studying, become a friendly but independent person to perfect your life.

The most important thing I learned is how to deal with specific problems in a logical and strict pattern.  When we worked on presentations in some modules, each question has their own correlations and logical order, making all slides cohesive and coherent to deal with the question set.