Akif Qadri

MSc Investment Analysis


MSc Investment Analysis at University of Stirling is one of the very few CFA Program Partner courses in the UK with an excellent reputation. The course is designed in such a professional way that it bridges the gap between theory and practice through interactive seminars and lab sessions. It gives you the opportunity to develop a broad range of academic and professional skills that are highly sought after in the finance employment market.

This course undoubtedly helped me to stand out of crowd in what is a fiercely competitive employment market. I didn’t have any previous professional experience but the contents of the course and the depth of my distinction level dissertation impressed the interviewers very much, so much so that I achieved a post at senior management level in the Finance Department of Allied Bank Ltd.

The MSc Investment Analysis at Stirling is an excellent starting point to achieve the CFA designation as it covers at least 70% of all three levels of the CFA curriculum and you really don’t have to worry about the CFA Level 1 exams. If your destination is academia then you are at right place already as Stirling Management School is one of the strongest business research centers in Scotland. This course gives you the option to conduct a case study dissertation or investigation of an academic topic. Professors are expert and high quality researchers in their respective areas.

The University of Stirling provides you intellectually stimulating environment with most beautiful campus and surroundings in ancient capital of Scotland. In addition, the campus has the best sporting facilities in Scotland set within a safe environment.