Daniel Gyimah

MSc Investment Analysis


It was a real puzzle deciding on where to pursue my postgraduate studies abroad. But the daunting task receded when I chanced on University of Stirling in my search. Uniquely, the MSc Investment Analysis programme took my fancy after a cursory look at the programme structure and content which perfectly complements my academic background and aligns with my career aspirations. And above all, Stirling awarded me the prestigious Karen Napier Scholarship to study on the Investment Analysis programme.

Without any modicum of doubt, I feel this is one of the best decisions I have ever made; to come to one of the finest universities in the UK and to pursue masters in one of the most sought-after programmes in the finance industry. Indeed, I couldn’t have had any better experience anywhere. It is just awesome to sit under the tutelage of well experienced scholars in their respective fields with superb knack in imparting knowledge. Their delivery is absolutely fascinating, so pinpoint and dazzling. The faculty demonstrates immense enthusiasm and splendid rapport with students which help to provide tailored assistance to everyone. There is much warmth and sense of belongingness at the University of Stirling which promotes hard work and the desire for scholarship. This, in addition to the coordination with various firms through job fairs organized by the faculty, provides opportunities for internships leading to full time employments.

With its serene, calm and splendid campus scenery, Stirling provides an environment and conditions typical for academic work. The landscape that greeted me on my arrival at the campus wowed me; carefully tended grass field interspersed with trees and stream giving a glorious outlook and shade was just exhilarating. It is such marvellous and tranquil a sight to behold. It is indeed, a testament of Stirling’s cliché as “a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment” for academic work. It has a well stocked library with all the learning materials you can think of and the sporting facilities are second to none. Stirling boasts of lovely people in a closed-knit society, so welcoming and always wearing infectious smiles which signals acceptance in the community.

It has been a very rewarding and an exceedingly beneficial experience studying at the University of Stirling. A Stirling masters has earned me immense clout and considerable experience of an international education and has put me on a sustainable trajectory, going forward. My participation in CFA challenge afforded me the opportunity to work with team from different backgrounds with diverse academic qualities and experiences. It has really burnished my credentials and improved my academic profile by placing me in good stead in my future pursuits. Stirling experience has been a huge academic milestone providing me with the opportunity to gain PhD place at the University of Glasgow. This is a glaring antecedent to accomplishing my future aspirations.

My stay, not transitory in any sense, is a memento which will remain indelible in my memory for ages. Stirling has indeed provided me the exposure I needed from international education and going forward I am confident in my abilities in building on what Stirling has developed me into. I can, without any reservation, vouch for MSc Investment Analysis programme at the University of Stirling and I recommend you join for your postgraduate studies.