Michelle Chan

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing


Michelle's Story

Category Promotions Executive Michelle Chan is dreaming of being her own boss one day after completing the BA Hons Retail Marketing.

Michelle, who works for Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals, has plenty of work experience to call upon, having completed several vocational retail courses before starting at Stirling.

Backed by a Workforce Development Agency scholarship, the 24-year-old has gone on to make the most of her Stirling studies at the Singapore Institute of Management.

She said: 'It has helped me to understand the retail environment, consumers' behaviour, issues and market research to evaluate opportunities'.

'It has enhanced my knowledge and adds to my real-life application. I have gained maximum benefit from the classroom and the examples given by our lecturers'.

'Now I would like to concentrate on my career and apply what I have learnt. I have a dream to be my own boss, I hope I can gain more experiences now and start my own business in the near future'.

The Retail Marketing degree includes an opportunity to study at the Stirling campus, one Michelle took with relish.

'It was an eye opener for me to see the world and I had never thought that I would travel there myself', added Michelle.

'Stirling is a very, very beautiful and clean place. The weather was good compared to the humidity of Singapore; the people were helpful and friendly. I couldn’t bear to leave Stirling! There were too many experiences to mention and I took a lot of photos!'

'I met new friends, understanding one another cultures and I became closer to my Singapore friends who went there with me'.

'My lecturers were so kind and shared their knowledge and experience beyond the lecture notes. Their encouragement also motivated me a lot and I really enjoyed my studies in both Singapore and Stirling'.

So, apart from becoming her own boss, what’s on the agenda for Michelle?

'I hope to visit Stirling again in the years to come'.