Yanjing Cao

MBA - China

yanjing cao

Yanjing's Story

Yanjing Cao chose to study for his MBA at Stirling Management School following recommendations from colleagues at SEPCOIII – a leading Chinese construction and engineering company that builds power plants around the globe.

He arrived in Stirling with the aim of strengthening his understanding of international business, learning advanced management techniques, and enhancing his innovation and problem solving skills.

Yanjing said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my year studying for my MBA at Stirling and I am confident it will be a big help to me as I continue to progress my career in China. One of the key things I developed on the programme, was the ability to identify, analyse, and overcome challenges by looking at them from different perspectives.

“The class I was in had a strong international feel to it, and I have made many friends from across the world. Our tutor was very good, particularly when it came to communicating to us how to overcome business challenges.

“This was my first experience of studying abroad and I thoroughly recommend going overseas – particularly if it’s to Stirling.”