Jennifer Adams

BA (Hons) Education (Primary)


Jennifer Adams

Jennifer's Story

Jen Adams had wanted to be a primary school teacher since she was a child, but assumed that being in her 40s meant the opportunity had gone. A conversation with a member of staff at the University of Stirling led Jen to apply for the Access to Degree Studies programme.

Now, five years later, Jen is graduating and has a job teaching in a school in her local area already in place.

Jen said: “Since our eldest child was born, 20 years ago, I had been a stay-at-home mum and never imagined that I could still fulfil my dream of becoming a teacher. I remember as a child asking Santa to bring me a chalkboard, chalk, and a red pen – it really has been that long!

“A few years after our third, and youngest, child started school, I began volunteering in his primary school and then became a supply support for learning assistant. I still had the urge to become a teacher and when I became aware of the Access programme at Stirling, I decide to pursue my dream.”

Jen was offered a place, starting in August 2015, and initially participated in a part-time evening course that is designed to prepare people entering Higher Education for the first time.

She continued: “I have been taught by many exceptional and inspirational lecturers during my time at Stirling. Their support and dedication has been instrumental in allowing me to believe in myself and have the confidence to know I could achieve what I’ve always wanted to.

“I was the oldest person on my course but the lecturers recognised my desire to succeed and supported me to do so. They recognised that I would face different challenges than many of my classmates, particularly striking a balance between a busy family life and the demand of university – particularly at exam time!

“The understanding and support of the staff, alongside that of my husband and children, has made all of this possible. I am immensely proud and excited to be graduating from a respected university and preparing to begin my career as a teacher.

“Thank you, Stirling.”