Caitlin Brown

BSc Adult Nursing - Scotland

caitlin brown

Caitlin's Story

Caitlin Brown enrolled at the University of Stirling immediately after leaving school but quickly realised that further education wasn't for her at that time of her life. After spending two years working in a care home, Caitlin discovered that nursing was her calling – and she was lured back to Stirling by its beautiful campus and its highly-rated BSc Adult Nursing course in 2017.

Caitlin was one of 400 Stirling student nurses who volunteered to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It meant that, during the final placement of my degree, I was a paid member of the NHS team,” Caitlin explained. “I was incredibly lucky to work within such an amazing team from April until September, allowing me to grow and improve as a nurse.

"It was a tough experience - and it remains difficult now - however, being part of a great team meant that I never felt alone during placement. If I could, I'd go back and do it all again."

Caitlin appreciates the support received from her mentor during her course, and the practical placements offered.

"I have loved all of my six placements and received excellent feedback from each one – the experiences have shaped me into the nurse I am today," she added.

Caitlin, 25, describes her time at Stirling as "eventful, tough and magical" and is now working as a nurse at NHS Forth Valley.