George Vekic

MSc Mathematics and Data Science


George Vekic

George's Story

George Vekic had been considering completing a master’s for quite some time before the reputation of Stirling’s data-science related courses, and a chat with the programme director convinced him to commit.

With a full-time job and recently becoming a dad, George was attracted to the Faculty of Natural Sciences’ MSc Mathematics and Data Science course because it offered part-time study. This allowed him to strike a balance between studying and his other commitments.

George said: “I’m really glad I finally took the plunge and returned to my studies to complete a master’s at Stirling. The course offered a great mix of teaching and self-directed learning, and the number of students ensured my lecturers and tutors had time to address individual enquiries.

“They were particularly good at supporting part-time students to ensure we weren’t missing out on anything, and their passion for the subject made it a fantastic learning experience. They really went the extra mile to explain theories, concepts, and applications of mathematics for those, including me, with limited experience of the subject.

“I bridged my knowledge gap on mathematics, while learning data science, and I am now much more assured when working with numbers and data in general. The assignments and tutorials were effective in teaching the major programming languages – Python and R – and I am confident now in applying them to real-world projects.”

George also recommends that anybody considering studying at Stirling take advantage of the various open days which are held throughout the year. These provide an opportunity to visit campus and hear directly from staff and existing students about their experience.

He added: “I work in digital communications in local government, and I’m thoroughly enjoying applying the skills I learned in my professional life.”