Meng Chen

BA (Hons) Business Studies


Meng Chen

Meng's Story

Meng Chen moved to the UK to complete his schooling when he was 16, and made the move north from Devon to Scotland, four years ago. He was attracted to continuing his studies at Stirling because of the campus’ renowned beauty, the reputation of Stirling Management School, and the fantastic sports facilities.

He said: “When I was researching what university to go to, the quality of the sports facilities at Stirling and the beautiful campus didn’t have an equal. They really helped attract me to study here, and they have certainly lived up to expectations.

“I have always had a personality where I enjoy dealing with people, and my interest in brilliant business ideas, team work, and communications meant that the Business Studies course here has been a great fit.”

Meng has enjoyed his time at Stirling so much that he has extended his stay in order to complete a Masters in Data Science for Business.

During his time at Stirling, Meng has been heavily involved in extra-curricular activities – particularly those celebrating Chinese culture. He established the Chinese Students Association and was instrumental in organising the ‘Chinese Voice’ competition – a talent show attracting students from across the UK, which was unfortunately postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Association has been involved in donating PPE equipment to support the fight against COVID-19.

He continued: “In my first year, I set up the Chinese Students Association because I wanted to help Chinese students not only meet each other but also socialise with students from across the many countries represented at Stirling. We have put on many entertaining events and it is my hope that the Association and its great work will continue long after my time at Stirling.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Stirling and believe it has set me up to continue my studies and take the first steps in my career. The team at the Management School has been really helpful, and provided me with the support I needed to help overcome challenges when completing my dissertation.

“If I had to describe my time at Stirling in three words: confidence, beautiful, and love.”