Sini Karesma

BSc (Hons) Biology and Psychology


Sini Karesma

Sini's Story

Sini Karesma was drawn to the University of Stirling by the option to study a joint honours in biology and psychology.

"Initially, I couldn't decide between biology and psychology, as they are both equally interesting subjects to me - being able to do both was perfect," Sini said.

Sini has completed four years at Stirling and graduates with a first-class Honours - and praises the support she received from her lecturers and friends.

"I experienced a lot of stress, especially during the last two years of my studies," she explained. "I demand a lot from myself and can be overly critical of my own work - but it also pushed me to do better and achieve the results I wanted.

"I can honestly say that the professors and lecturers were terrific and I have such great friends who help me relax. I have really enjoyed my University years."

Sini embarked upon a study abroad semester in Hong Kong - an experience that she describes as a highlight.

"It was truly everything I had hoped for - and a bit more. After the semester was over, I continued travelling around Asia and ended up having the privilege to visit nine different countries that year. I learned lots about different cultures and languages."

Sini, 25, now plans to complete a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, before embarking upon a PhD.