Gemma Munro

BSc (Hons) Psychology


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Gemma's Story

Psychology student Gemma Munro will enjoy a homecoming to remember as she heads back to her birthplace of Inverness to graduate from the University of Stirling.

The 22-year-old is headed back to the Highlands – specifically the splendour of Inverness Cathedral – to celebrate achieving a Bachelor of Science with Honours.

Gemma said: “Inverness is my home and I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to celebrate my achievements with my close family, especially in such a beautiful setting as the cathedral. Although I completed my studies in Stirling it will be nice to bring that hard work and achievement back to Inverness where I plan to live and work in the future.”

Newly graduated Gemma chose to study psychology because of the different doors and career paths it would open.

During her final year she was awarded a commendation for excellence in student-led teaching for her work helping first-year psychology students with essay and report writing. This has sparked a passion in teaching which Gemma now plans to pursue.

“Being at Stirling has inspired me to consider a career in teaching and I am currently undergoing work experience with a local primary school in preparation for entry to postgraduate study in teaching”, Gemma continued.

“University brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me both academically and socially. My family is very close-knit so it was difficult being away from them, but the four years I spent away from home helped me grow hugely as a person and did wonders for my self-confidence.”

A member of the Students’ Union Psychology Society, Gemma presented work at the Stirling Conference of Psychology 2016 and along with her team of tight-knit student flatmates, was an avid pub quizzer during her time at Stirling.

Gemma said: “I’ll always remember the endless walks and adventures that the Stirling campus has to offer. This was particularly handy when exam revision and dissertation stress got too much and I needed to clear my head. I bring all of this experience with me as I look forward to my next adventure at home in Inverness.”

Gemma is graduating alongside 118 graduands from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport who studied at the University’s Highlands and Islands campuses.