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Robbie Crow

BA (Hons) Marketing

The University of Stirling is, in my opinion, one of the best institutions to study Marketing in the United Kingdom. This is because there is an even balance of both practical and strategic marketing; from theory-based courses in first year to business-advisory projects in fourth, creating a hand in hand concept which is crucial to the real world. Whilst at Stirling I was able to apply many of the concepts I had learned from an early stage in my University career, and I was able to use my understanding to help many charities from all over the UK.

The special thing about Stirling for me is the way that it concentrates on many areas of marketing, and not just on the ‘corporate’ aspect. The importance that they place upon societal marketing – encompassing social enterprises, charities and all-other third sector organisations – is evident from the start, thus informing students of all marketing career choices and not limiting them only to the typical corporate trajectory. They are not afraid to think outside of the corporate world – however, if corporate is what you want then corporate is what you can get. 

I studied Marketing as my main subject, but I was able to pick from many other areas of expertise in the business world because of the wide choice offered at Stirling. My work after University is now focused on the long-term advancement of charities in the United Kingdom, and I hold board-level appointments within two large-scale organisations. If you want to have lecturers and tutors who will remember and get to know you, study courses that you will find intellectually and physically stimulating and make friends that will last an eternity, then Stirling is the clear choice for you.

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