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Ngan Tuyet Nguyen


Ngan Tuyet Nguyen

The benefits that I have gained from studying at the University of Stirling are that I had opportunities to participate in different teaching methods, including lectures in large lecture theatres, problem-solving with various types of exercises, or tutorials and seminars where I can discuss more clearly with teachers, working in a small group of only 15-20 students. Such different approaches help me to look at the problems from different perspectives. Therefore, I learnt how to deal with the problems independently as well as in a group.

I also enhanced my personal skills through several workshops. The Flying Start Leadership program was a good start for me to be acquainted with multi-national and multi-cultural environments, where I gained skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, time management and leadership skills. I improved my English language skills during my time studying here and I'm now more confident to speak in front of people. I can summarise by saying that I have accumulated knowledge and skills during my time at the University of Stirling that give me a firm grounding for what I would like to achieve in the future.

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