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Jonathan Davis

BA Accountancy and Management Science

Managing Director, Jonathan Davis Wealth Management Ltd

I graduated from Stirling more than 25 years ago. My degree helped to get me started in my career and enter the financial sector. In the mid 1990s I also obtained a joint MBA from the Cranfield School of Management and Ecole de Management de Lyon. I also have a Chartered qualification.

I chose to study at Stirling because it had a great atmosphere and a beautiful campus. I knew nothing of networking as a young man and my experience at Stirling was very much about life and personal development - my advice would be do network as much as you can.

After University, I had an idea I would develop within a major international company. I realised that I perform much better and enjoy myself much more in small entrepreneurial organisations. For several years now I have had my own successful and growing practice. Really try and think what you want to do and find the route to get there. It may not be at all direct. If you can combine earning with your passion “you will never work again”. If you do not immediately enter your chosen sector keep trying while doing what you are doing. Develop whatever skills, knowledge, contacts etc. you need to get you there.

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