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Emma van Dijk

MSc Economics for Business and Policy


Emma van Dijk

Emma's Story

I liked that the University of Stirling offered a master programme that combined economics and policymaking, and I found that the course was very interactive and practical. This created a better understanding of the theory, which made it easier to apply it to real economic problems. Another feature I liked was the close connection with the teachers, they were happy to help with any questions we had.

Before I applied, I viewed the University website which showed the beautiful green campus which was appealing as I feel it helps to balance studying with relaxation. I found the website to be really structured and it had a lot of information directed towards international students. This suggested that there were a lot of other international students attending Stirling, which made my choice to come here easy. There were also some fully funded spaces for the economics postgraduate degree which was beneficial.

Since graduating, I’ve secured a job in the UK government as an Assistant Economist. The course provided us with guest lectures and one of these lectures was about working for the UK government. Everything described in the lecture caught my attention and made me very motivated to apply. I found my course to be very helpful in preparing me and got me through the interview process. IMy study really taught me how to apply economic theory and I am excited to start applying it in my job.

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