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Clemens Doellerer

International Business

Firstly, I wanted to do a Master’s degree in an English-speaking country; Scotland was then recommended to me by a colleague. Secondly, I compared the structure and content of many International Business programmes from all over Scotland and chose the University of Stirling because it attracted me the most. Additionally, the city of Stirling seemed like a nice place to live – I like smaller towns with a lot of nature around compared to big cities such as Glasgow. As the whole package seemed right I applied and was offered a place.

As expected, I found several benefits from studying at Stirling: On the one hand, this concerns the city which was small, cosy, it was easy to become familiar with all the important places, close to nature etc. On the other hand, this concerns the university: it was a small programme, the lecturers know you personally, everything is close together, the feeling of being a “class” develops soon etc.  I liked that our lecturers were very international and not all from the UK. This helped with a subject such as International Business, because there are naturally different opinions and points of view being discussed. 

Additionally, I appreciated it was possible to choose our own focus. I am interested in HRM and therefore it was perfect to be able to select modules from this area.

I also liked the personal support that was granted to us students by the course director, the admin team and all other lecturers. I felt that someone was always there to help if needed. Coming from Germany, where education is free, this attitude from the side of the university was new, unexpected and positive.

Imagine Stirling as a small and cosy town with everything you need and close enough to Edinburgh and Glasgow so that you can live the “big city life” from time to time as well if desired. For me it is the perfect place to do a one-year master’s degree.

The programme and the university will have a very familiar atmosphere as well. You will easily find friends and enjoy your student life.

I would definitely recommend living in university accommodation, as you don’t need to worry about anything such as furniture, lease etc. for the one year you will be living in Scotland. I chose to live off-campus to have some distance to the university, but this is a matter of taste, I guess. In addition, the accommodation was only for postgrads, so I felt that I was amongst people like me.

My studies will definitively enhance my employability and my salary. Having the title “MSc in International Business” gives me a broad range of job opportunities as it is relatively general. But as I mentioned earlier, having an emphasis on HRM helps to distinguish myself from other job applicants.

Additionally, I believe that doing a master’s degree abroad in an English-speaking country is another advantage I have compared to people who have “only” studied in Germany.

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