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Alex Kamieniecki

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Financial Adviser, Trentham Invest Ltd – IFA

Briefly describe your career history to date:
Since leaving Stirling I have been working for Trentham Invest Ltd - IFA. I started in June and initially was down to work just for the summer. Now however I have been offered a permanent position. 

What attracted you to this career?
I was attracted to this career as a financial adviser from one of my University modules which I particularly enjoyed. It also has a strong involvement in investments, an area which I have always been interested in working in.  

How did you get into your current job?
I saw the job advertised and applied directly to the company.  Describe what your current job involves: My current job involves monitoring client’s investment portfolios and reviewing market trends each 6 months to ensure their current funds are still the same risk level and consistently aligned with their attitudes to risk. I am also involved with creating investment advice reports and working on various projects. 

Describe a typical working day:
A typical day usually starts with processing any client emails or post and sorting out any outstanding work to be completed arising from this. We would then have a meeting outlining goals for the day and the week and organise work to be completed. Also outlined is; if there any outstanding payments that need to be chased and any income in which can be matched off. By the afternoon I would be involved in any compliance work that needs to be sent out to clients and then help create the letters/emails. Before the end of the day, we would need to as a team, prepare for client review meetings and arrange time to set up agenda preps and debriefs. 

In what way did your time at Stirling shape your career to date:
The University provided strong academic support during my studies. It also provided many opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities and has useful links with a career support service. This helped me with improving my CV and applications and made me aware of the importance to acquire some relevant work experience if possible before the end of your time at University. 

List three things that you love about your job:
Being able to work closely with investment portfolios and travelling across the country to seminars to keep up to date with the latest market developments. A second thing is that each day is challenging but also very interesting and I am kept busy which I enjoy very much. A third thing I like is the networking opportunities available. These are very useful in helping make progress up the career ladder. 

List three things you dislike about your job: 
The location - ideally I would like to work in London where there are more opportunities to expand the business and more things going on in general. A second thing would be the small nature of the company and the high level of responsibility involved on mistakes. A third thing is the lack of support in place to be able to train for professional qualifications. 

What advice would you give to current students preparing for life after graduation?
Apply for both large and small companies that are relevant to a career you want and be prepared to apply in a variety of locations. Always persevere and never give up applying, just make sure you keep improving each application and request feedback from any rejected applications. Be aware that you have a lot of rejections at top firms but always remain focused and understand that if you keep working hard you will get into the industry you want to work in.

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