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Reetta Sallinen

Sport Management

'I chose to study Sport Management to gain expertise in order to work in the sport industry. I'm very sporty and the course seemed to offer me an opportunity to pursue this'.

'Studying Sport Management has helped me to develop lots of skills for my future career. The course was very focused on the management of sport and leisure, which has left me confident to start working in sport management positions'.

'It took just nine months to complete which really appealed to me because I wanted to work in golf and therefore finishing by the time the season begins was important'.

'I was positively surprised by how international our course was. There were students from many different countries. It was very good to hear experiences from the sport industries in other countries'.

'I really liked that the University invests a lot in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport. Professors are committed and we frequently had professionals of the sport industry coming in and giving lectures. I found that it was a great opportunity for me to develop contacts in the industry'.

Reeta now works at Tahko Golf Club in Eastern Finland as a Caddie Master which involves managing bookings, organising and arranging golf competitions and other events as well as providing a range of customer services.

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