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Kelly Pang Jia Hui

Kelly Pang Jia Hui

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

Kelly Pang Jia Hui

Kelly's Story

Kelly Pang, who graduated with a first class degree, was attracted to the Retail Marketing course because of the interactive nature of the modules and the balance it offered between projects and exams.

“The first thing that caught my eye was the course itself, which offered modules in a specific area of marketing, looking particularly at the retail sector,” she said. “It was different from what I had studied before, and what was offered by the other courses at SIM GE.

“I really liked that the modules were not only interactive, but included industry talks and excursions, providing greater insights into the area of study.

“Another feature that I really liked was the way the course was planned out, and that we were given a flexible and manageable time frame.

“The staff and professors from the University were also really accommodating and helpful.”

Kelly, who is now looking for a full-time job, said that apart from the knowledge she gained, the most important thing she takes away from the course are the friends she made.

For others considering the course, she said: “I feel that with everything you do, always put in your best effort. Additionally, the professors encourage an interactive learning environment, so never be afraid to ask questions and speak up, because you are here to learn.”

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