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Amie MacDiarmid

BSc Nursing (Mental Health)

Amie MacDiarmid

Amie's Story

For Amie, a life-changing experience during her three-year nursing degree, highlighted the importance of her chosen career path.

On the first day of her second year at the Highland campus, her mother suffered an unexpected heart attack at work, which resulted in severe brain injury.

This led to a year of daily visits to the hospital, followed by a further year visiting the local community hospital while adaptions were made to the family home.

She admits it was challenging at times, but with the support of her lecturers, peers, family, and, in particular, her personal tutor, she was able to progress in her journey to become a mental health nurse.

“Although this event has been challenging and continuous, on reflection it has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of those who experience life adversity, and an awareness of the need for empathy and compassion towards individuals,” said Amie.

“It has helped drive me towards becoming a mental health nurse, so that I too can provide care and support to individuals in need, alongside their loved ones.”

Amie originally chose to study nursing at the University of Stirling after developing an interest in art therapy while studying Jewellery Design in Glasgow.

“This inspired my interest and curiosity in mental health and its influence on individuals and their loved ones,” said Amie, who is from Alness. “The Highland campus appealed to me the most as it allowed me to return home and be with my family and friends whilst studying a course which would be ambitious, albeit rewarding.”

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