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Karolos Grohmann

BA (Hons) Film and Media

I am currently a journalist for Reuters, the international news agency.  Based in Berlin, I am in charge of covering major sports events for Germany and Eastern Europe.  I also cover football World Cups and European Championships, as well as the Champions League; in addition I report on the activities of the International Olympic Committee which includes coverage of the summer and winter Olympics.

My degree at Stirling provided a very solid foundation for a future career, with a mix of film and media subjects that offered the full spectrum of visual media.  The theory was coupled with hands-on training in a real studio environment, and the opportunity for work placement in the final year was also very important in helping me to get a feel for the actual career that I wanted to pursue.

During my time at Stirling I was deputy editor of BRIG, the student newspaper, and I knew that after graduating from Stirling with my degree in Film and Media I wanted to work in journalism.  I therefore completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism at Strathclyde University and I have since had a very successful and exciting career in journalism.  I would therefore advise any student to get a good mix of theory and practice in the particular career they wish to follow.

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