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Mr Brian Porro

BA (DipEd) Spanish and Education

For a young lad from the Mediterranean, arriving in Stirling was like landing on the moon: it's a long way from Gibraltar! Since that day in September 1977 a lot of life has flown by and I consider Scotland my adoptive country. After all, I became a Scots lawyer. But that was after I had received a very complete and ever-useful education at Stirling, graduating with honours in Spanish with Education, plus the Diploma in Education, French minor.

Today I am looking to retire early, after 10 years, from my job as principal translator at the Directorate-General for Translation at the European Commission in Brussels, but throughout my career, as a lawyer-linguist at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for 13 years, linguist for the UK Government in England or as MFL teacher in Scotland, I have carried the incredibly valuable start that Stirling provided for me, delivered by dedicated and caring tutors and lecturers in (probably) the best place in the world. Admittedly I obtained a law degree after Stirling (Dundee) and acquired further languages later on, but my success and enjoyment of my professional life rests proudly on the very firm foundations laid by the University of Stirling.

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