Biological and Environmental Sciences staff directory

Staff contact details
Column one lists names, column two lists roles, column three provides email addresses
Prof Alistair Jump Plant Ecology
Prof Katharine Abernethy Tropical Ecology
Prof Alexandra Bayliss Archaeological Science
Prof Nils Bunnefeld Conservation Science
Prof David Copplestone Environmental Radioactivity
Prof Maggie Cusack Biomineralisation
Prof Kirsty Park Conservation Ecology
Prof Richard Quilliam Environmental Biology
Prof Ian Simpson Geography and Environmental Sciences
Prof Andrew Tyler Environmental Science / Deputy Dean of Faculty
Prof Nigel Willby River Ecosystems
Prof Phil Wookey Ecosystem Science
Professorial Fellow
Prof Tim Whalley Cell Biology
Professors Emeritus
Prof Donald Davidson Soil Science
Prof Grant Reid Plant Biochemistry  
Prof Michael Thomas Tropical and Applied Geomorphology
Associate Professors
Dr Axel Hagermann Thermopysics, Planetary ices
Dr David Oliver Catchment Science
Dr Jens-Arne Subke Terrestrial Ecosystems and Env. Change
Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin Environmental Biology
Senior Lecturers
Dr Luc Bussière Evolutionary Biology
Dr Peter Hunter Earth Observation
Dr Christian Schröder Environmental Science and Planetary Exploration
Dr Armando Marino Earth Observation
Dr Matthew Tinsley Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Clare Wilson Soil Science
Dr Michael Wyman Microbiology
Dr W Paul Adderley Geoarchaeology and Env. History
Dr Stuart Auld Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Tom Bradwell Quaternary Geologist
Dr Colin Bull River Science
Dr Lynsey Bunnefeld Evolutionary Ecology
Dr Daisy Dent Tropical Ecology
Dr Jennifer Dickie Energy Geography
Dr Andre Gilburn Ecology
Dr Ian Jones Environmental Sensing
Dr Isabel Jones Biodiversity & Conservation
Dr Alan Law Ecology
Dr Jenson Lim Applied Biological Sciences
Dr Carlos Loureiro Physical Geography
Dr Sabine Matallana-Surget Applied Biological Sciences
Dr Kevin Petrie Applied Biological Sciences
Dr Heather Price Environmental Science / Geography
Dr Thiago Silva Environmental Informatics
Dr Evangelos Spyrakos Earth Observation
Dr Eileen Tisdall Environmental Science
Research Staff
Dr Emma Bush Research Assistant
Dr Jeremy Cusack Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Brad Duthie Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Sarah Greenwood Research Network Facilitator
Dr Hannah Hamilton Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Daniel Ingram Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Kathryn Jeffery Researcher
Dr Francois-Xavier Joly Research Assistant
Dr Erika Kaufmann Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Rosie Mangan Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Vanessa Moresco Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dr Claire Neil Research Assistant

Mrs Zoe O'Hara

Research Assistant
Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo Post-doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Adam Varley Research Assistant
Research Fellows
Dr Nicholas Attree Research Fellow
Dr Clare Bird Research Fellow
Dr Elisa Fuentes-Montemayor Research Fellow
Dr Isla Hodgson Research Fellow
Dr Jurene Kemp Newton Research Fellow
Dr Javier Medina-Sanchez Research Fellow
Dr Jeroen Minderman Research Fellow
Dr Carlos Eduardo Pereira Nunes Research Fellow
Dr Tom Parker Research Fellow
Dr David Pritchard Research Fellow
Dr Katherine Raines Research Fellow

Dr Alistair Tait Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow - Astrobiology, Environmental Chemistry, Planetary Geology

Dr Albert Vila Cabrera Research Fellow
Dr Caitlin Riddick Research Fellow
Dr Shenglei Wang Research Fellow
Miss Jenny Abercrombie Administrative Assistant
Mrs Joan Turner Administrative Assistant
Miss Lynn MacGregor Resource Co-ordinator
Technical Support
Mr Ronald Balfour Stores/Procurement
Mr Stuart Bradley Field Technician
Mrs June Brand Research Technician
Mrs Lorna English Research Technician
Miss Ester Ferrari Research Technician
Miss Mia Graham Research Technician tbc
Mrs Sylvia Hodgson Laboratory Technician
Mr Scott Jackson IT Support Scott Jackson
Mr George MacLeod Thin Section Laboratory / Safety Officer
Ms Pauline Monteith Laboratory Technician
Mr Willie Thomson Electronics Workshop
Mr Ian Washbourne Laboratory Technician
Mr James Weir Technical Manager
Research Students
Emmanuel Afolobi tbc
Allan Audsley Scotland’s Pockmarks: understanding the link between gas-escape features and buried carbon in fjordic systems
Adrian Bach tbc
Johnson Bailey tbc
Joshua Bauld tbc
Anwen Bill Investigating the response of loch biota to the hydromorphological modifications of lochs
Jim Blaikie Palaeoecological reconstruction of rapid Late-glacial – Holocene environmental change for Central Patagonia, southern South America
Stéphanie Bourgeois Genetic study of forest elephants: population assignment of ivory and connectivity between National Parks
Tom Bradfer-Lawrence The maintenance of tropical bird communities in human-modified landscapes
Alice Broome Threatened woodland species: conservation policy and management
Sarah Buckerfield Understanding hydrological and land-use controls on microbial pollution and human health risks in the South West China karst region
Emmy Burd Investigating nitrogen cycling between the marine cyanobacterium Trichodesmium and its bacterial associates
Jessica Burrows tbc
Allan Cochrane Late-glacial / Inter-glacial transition in the Northern Isles
Adriana Constantinescu Danube - Black sea flux of sediment
Anna Deasey The determinants of tree species distribution in tropical forests
Amanda-Jane Dolan Hillfort Vitrification in the Scottish Iron Age and Early Historic Period
Gavin Douglas tbc
Alex Elsy tbc
María Encina Aulló Maestro Development and adaptation of algorithms for the estimation of carbon budget in lakes
Christopher Douglas Moore The evolution and ecology of buzz-pollination 
Jonathan Fletcher Optimising Multi-Pollutant Phytoremediation Strategies to Sustainably Improve Water Quality
Nina Lindstrom Friggens tbc
Matthew Guy Seabird-mediated impacts of marine environment changes on agri-ecosystem productivity
Louisa Habermann Understanding Soil Fertility Legacies in Coigach-Assnt, North-West Scotland
Robin Hayward Community composition and recruitment to selectively logged forest in Southeast Asia
Paulo Manuel Kiala tbc
Clément Lozano tbc
David McCaughie

Sandstone Heritages: Conservation in a climate change(d) future
Assessing the future impact of climate change on sandstone broch sites in Scotland
Jennifer McKeown Sexual conflict in seaweed flies
Roseanne McDonald Greenhouse Gas Release from UK Reservoirs
Craig McDougall tbc
Corynne McGuire Assessing the hazard from radioactive particles in the environment
Diana McLaren The effects of climate-induced flood events on the mobility and bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements
Dorothy McLaughlin Heritage Management of Earth Built Structures
Eilidh McNab How does large scale native woodland restoration affect biodiversity?
Francesc Ferrando Molina tbc
Lucy Nevard tbc
Matthew Nuttall tbc
Kirsten O'Sullivan tbc
Christopher Orbell Ecological connectivity between Gabon’s protected areas
Tom Ovenden tbc
Theo Pannetier tbc
Sam Paplauskas tbc
John Paterson tbc
Claire Paton A catchment-based approach to determine environmental controls of Cryptosporidium transfer from land to water
Chris Pollard Linking game theory and structured decision-making for the resolution of conservation conflicts
Heather Purshouse The role of insect larvae for the sustainable management of faecal wastes in sub-Saharan Africa
Hazel Ramage tbc
Javier Carrillo Reche ’On-farm’ seed priming: an ecological and sustainable disease management strategy
Finlay Richardson tbc
Erin Stoll Quantifying and predicting soil responses to rapid forest change in a tropical mountain region
Tom George Scullion Investigating the direct and indirect effects of radiation in free-living birds through measurement of feather corticosterone
Cristian Silva tbc
Emma Sheard Translating small scale ecological studies to large scale agricultural practices: breeding waders and grassland management
Nonglak Sopakayoung tbc
Heather Stewart Ice streaming, ice sheet deglaciation, and substrate properties, North Sea Basin, UK
Kathleen Stosch Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments
Isobel Swinscoe Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming- identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain
Helen Taylor-Boyd Investigating Species Assemblages, Activity Levels and Feeding Ecology of Chiroptera Species in Anthropogenic Landscapes in Zambia
Lidia De Sousa Teixeira tbc
Kate Waters-Hart Assessing the use of geo-engineering and propagule loading for rapid macrophyte recovery in lakes
Sarah Watts Improving outcomes in montane woodland restoration 

Natalie Boyd Williams tbc
Kelsey Wilson tbc
John Wilson Proactive Sustainable Tourism: strategies to ensure wildlife conservation and tourist satisfaction in national parks
Deborah Wood Linking carbon and iron cycles by investigating transport, fate and mineralogy of iron-bearing colloids from peat-draining rivers - Scotland as model for high-latitude rivers
Karen Zapata Evolution of another dimorphism and reproductive ecology of Solanum houstonii (Solanaceae)
Honorary Staff
Dr Paul Dale Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Fiona Maisels Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Chris Quine Honorary Professor
Prof Michael Usher Honorary Professor
Dr Kevin Watts Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Lee White Honorary Professor
Prof Jeremy Wilson Honorary Professor